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"Lift You Up" can help Backline bring free mental health and wellness resources to the music industry image

"Lift You Up" can help Backline bring free mental health and wellness resources to the music industry

Together we can help prevent suicide. Please give today.


$145 towards $3,000

Won't you lend a helping hand? Let me tell you why I care. I am a poet, artist, child psychiatrist, and humanism in medicine awardee. I also have Bipolar II Disorder. When I was in medical school, I attempted suicide. I am forever grateful I survived. Perhaps that is why, upon hearing of Naomi Judd's tragic death by suicide, I was inspired to write the poem, "Lift You Up." I could hear a country music song in the poem. Singer-Songwriter Corenia Yoder beautifully brought "Lift You Up" to life. Two lyric videos and also a tribute and mental health awareness video have been created. "Lift You Up" is healing medicine for all those in need of loving care. Its goal is to help prevent suicide. We are so proud to share that "Lift You Up" was awarded "Best Original Song" by Portland New Alternative Voices.

"Lift You Up" Lyric Video (original version)

"Lift You Up" Lyric Video (Acoustic Guitar & Electric Guitar)

"Lift You Up" Tribute and Mental Health Awareness Video

Please join me in supporting the mental health of artists, crew and support systems that make up our live music community.

Backline connects music industry professionals with mental health and wellness resources--streamlining access to a network of trusted organizations and care providers that understand this line of work. Their website and case management system program exist to help individuals find the resources they need to thrive--on and off the road.

In response to these unprecedented times of self isolation, financial insecurity, and industry fallout, Backline has launched the “Come Together: Crisis Initiative”, which includes bi-weekly support groups, yoga, meditation, breathwork sessions, and more. All of these sessions are available for free, and welcome anyone in the music industry to join.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for Backline.